HNFE history and future

HNFE found , produce LED lamp 2009

Understand and carry out EU standard , main market in Germany 2011

New factory base , enlarge production capability , LED filament lamp project , 12 million USD turnover 2013

R&D Center setup , 1st class R&D team , enlarge LED filament lamp capability , LED fixture project , 21 million USD turnover 2014

Main market EU, target market US, National Hi-Tech , 25 million USD turnover 2015

Spiral LED filament project , buy land and build new factory base , target 30 million USD turnover 2016

Expected annual production capability , 70 million pieces LED lamp, half million pieces LED fixture, 40 million USD turnover 2017

Expected invest 5 million USD in the production base, upgrade general lighting to smart lighting and commercial lighting, change from assemble to R&D oriented, to be a competitive Hi-tech company, aim to reach the turnover of 50 million USD in 2020 ( lamp, smart, lighting fixture), expected annul tax paying of 25 – 30 million RMB.

Based on the company vision of 2020, expected turnover of 100 million USD for the next 10 years, propel the production structure to all lighting industry, timely enlarge the R&D advantage in the field of smart home, smart control, commercial lighting, to be a world’s lighting solution supplier.

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